Growing up in Donabate was a lot different to growing up in a busy town or city.

No matter where you are now, you’ll always remember your time at the beach and the sandy, saltwater-filled childhood that came with it. A time you’ll always look back on with nostalgia, pride and probably some embarrassment. In Donabate, life is different and here’s why:

1. You spent your summer on the beach

Literally every day, all day. Lunches packed and your Dunnes Stores bag stuffed to the gills. Sanding down after a long day at the beach became an everyday occurrence.

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2. Declaring your love for your neighbour on the sand

What better way to tell the world you’re in love than writing it in massive writing on the beach? The only problem was, it seemed to be a different name every week…

3. Beautiful views of Lambay Island

You probably took for granted the stunning views of Lambay island from Portrane strand but looking back now, you know how lucky you were.

4. Cheering on locals in the Donabate sea race

There was always someone you knew taking part… a sister, brother, neighbour or the postman. Any excuse for a celebration.

5. Enjoying an ice-cream down the beach with your pals

Let’s face it; it was probably one of your ‘five-a-day’, especially in summer.

6. Adjusting to life without the beach

Let’s be honest, it probably hasn’t been easy. You now secretly hope your future significant other is a beach person too so there’s never a question of where you’ll holiday in the summer.

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